Dental Health


Fast Dental Facts

5 out of 10 – The number of adults in the United States that can’t accurately identify common dental insurance terms.

6.5 years – The number of years you add to your life by eliminating gum disease.

2.2 million – The number of Dental ER visits in 2012 = one visit every 15 seconds!

2nd Place – Tooth Decay is the second most common disease after the cold.

6 months – How often most people should see their dentist in a year = 2 times.

2 minutes – The number of minutes it takes to properly brush your teeth.


The most recent federal data by the American Dental Association shows that dental ER visits have doubled in recent years. The visits typically cost as much as three times as much as routine dental visits – costing the U.S. health care system over $1.6 billion a year. Going to the dentist more often could prevent so much of this expense. Prevention is priceless. Please, don’t wait to come see us!